North Shore
Sports Therapy

North Shore Sports Therapy
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      The human body is a symphony in which
all components must harmonize & eliminate discord,

        in order to be the Masterpiece it was Created to be.

Since 1984, Massage Therapy has risen in public esteem when it was included, for the first time, in the U.S Olympics Medical Team. We were there and supervised it! Today, it's a common ingredient in many people's life-styles, & the benefits are widely recognized by other health care practitioners! Our North Shore Sports Massage Therapy is located in Waialua on the North Shore of Oahu we can take care of all your Massage Therapy needs.

We have been providing restorative Massage Therapy in the Paradise Islands of Hawaii for over 20 years. Michèle Czara and her staff have two locations for your convenience: 
~  K
ahala Sports Therapy is available in East Oahu  ~ 
~  North Shore Sports Therapy is on the North Shore of Oahu in Waialua  ~

~ Insurance  Accepted!  ~

North Shore Sports Therapy
66-935 Kaukonahua Road
Waialua, Hawaii 96791


Call: 808-778-8443 to book Your Mini Vacation!




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